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Day 11-13:  San Diego and Sea World

So the big tour was coming to an end.  But it finished on a high note, with three nights at La Bahia Resort hotel in San Diego...much more upmarket than our humble Motel on Day 0.

In fact, hats off to the staff at the Bahia.  We'd booked our last two nights in advance through Expedia, using internet facilities at Las Vegas, and secured a really competitive rate.  However we turned up a day early as a result of our better-than-expected progress through Joshua Tree Park.  The receptionist couldn't match the pre-booked Expedia rate for our extra night, but got pretty close and also upgraded us for free - for all three nights - so that was worth a hefty tip we thought :-)

Didn't make time to see San Diego city...between two visits to Sea World (Lisa insisted), a cruise around Mission Bay and some chilling on our terrace, there just wasn't the opportunity on this occasion.

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Some of the first inhabitants we met (the boys in the penguin suits remind of a particular wedding photo):

Forty winks     Forur Wise Men


Just some of the performing animals at Discovery Cove (the main dolphin area)...

Joe the Caretaker     White men can't jump     ...neither can Dolphins

Discovery Cove     Splash Zone     High-jump     


The "main event" show for most visitors is "The Shamu Show", the friendly local killer whale...bit of a joker...

Round of applause please     Balancing act     Flying trainers     Even bigger Splash Zone


All of the creatures at Sea World seem to have been to the Academy for the Performing Arts, here's a final selection of some of those cheeky chappies... 

Take a bow     Fools with Tools show     Smile


And so we were done.  The run back to the Airport to deposit hire car etc was verging on melancholy, such was the great time we had.  Hopefully some of that fun comes through in the pics and narrative in this section of our website.

All that remains is to plan a future assault on northern California.  Watch out, San Francisco...