holidays:chateau d'oex


  Campbell, Cameron and Ian begged borrowed and stole to snatch a five day break at this small Swiss resort in Pays d'Enhaut - near Gstaad.

See their local website for further info on the area.

Flew to Geneva, courtesy of BA, then caught trains from airport to the village.  Outward required just one change, at Montreux; return required two, Montreux and Lausanne.  2 hrs 30 mins max, and went like clockwork.  The Montreux to Chateau d'Oex leg was spectacular aboard the MOB (Montreux Oberland Bahn - scenic mountain train, see below for images).

Holidays Chateau d'Oex - snowsports

Views of the village (first two from our room at Motel des Bouquetins - booked online using Lake Geneva Region website)... 

L'eglise     Le Coop     L'eglise encore

The motel worked out at 27 per head per night for a triple room (albeit that meant a double and single bed...interesting!).  5 mins from station, telecabine and main street...including restaurants etc.  Not bad.


Scenery was stunning...

North from top station     Halfway down "le Grin"     West from top station 


Same can't be said of the talent...

Ian before 1st run     Tres Amigos     Ian and backdrop 


Chateau d'Oex hosts one of the largest hot air balloon festivals in the world...

Permission to land     Cartoon time     How many can you spot


We were joined for lunch on Sunday by the Matthews clan.  Here's Victoria (Miss V to her friends)...

Starts off shy...     Shy Miss V     Soon playing to the crowd...     Windwept Miss V


Most nights we were too knackered to go out beyond about 9pm, but one night, after an apres-ski snooze, this happened...

Real Slim Shady     Err...     Beard trimmer     What happened next?

Slick moves, man


And if you go out partying until the small hours, you can expect this to happen:

The Nixonator skids to a halt     Franz Klamer catches an edge


S'ok, the Swiss National "B" Ski team soon ride off into the sunset in safety...

Ian on piste     Cam on piste     Getting the hang of it


Some more grand scenery between blizzards:

Le Griin again     View up le Grin     Can't get enough of this


But all good things must come to an end, and after a final half day of snowboarding (Cameron and Ian stayed home due to fatigue/injury respectively!) we headed off on the MOB...

Snow on the line     More snow on the line     Descent into Montreux    Lake Geneva

Montreux draws near     Ian had one final thought for the day (click to reveal)...     Hmm...